Small Groups

Due to COVID-19, all of our small groups are currently meeting online! For more information on our small groups, please reach out to the listed contacts below so that we can get you plugged in wherever The Lord would have you be! If you have any additional questions, feel free to email the church at !


The Polk's Small Group 9:30 AM:

Contact: James and Dianne Polk-   

The Kretzschmar's Small Group 9:30 AM:

Contact: Andrew and Lily Kretzschmar-

Spanish First Small Group 9:30 AM:

Contact:  Carlos and Yolanda Argueta- 

The Posey's Small Group 9:45 AM:

Contact: Dale and Sherry Posey/Rick and Judy Parsons- ,  , 

Penny Woodard's Small Group 3 PM:

Contact: Penny Woodard-

Ladies Prayer Group 5:30 PM:

Contact: Sandra Vasquez-


Men's Small Group 7:00 PM:

Contact: Stephen Coco-

Young Adult Small Group 7:00 PM:

*The Young Adult Small Group will be postponing meetings for the month of August! We will start back on September 14th!*

Contact: Mike or Shanna Peace- , 


Faith Based Recovery 6:30 PM

Contact: Karen Kyser-


Bible Themes Small Group 6:00 PM:

Contact: Harry Hopkins-

Women's Bible Study 6:30 PM:

Contact: Lily Kretzschmar-


Youth, Wednesday @ 6:30 PM

Contact Sarah English for more information!

Or visit our FBC Kyle Student's page on our website!