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Who we are

Mother's Day Out and Christian Preschool (MDOCP) is a state-licensed, faith-based preschool program that teaches children about God and His love for us.

Mission Statement

Growing disciples who know, love, serve and share Jesus Christ.


Dates and Times

MDOCP is in session late August through late May during the public school year. Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM until 2:30 PM. Extended care hours are also available from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM for those that need extra time in the mornings. Summer session is offered in June and July on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Three schedule options are available to choose from:

  • Monday and Wednesday (two day option)
  • Tuesday and Thursday (two day option)
  • Monday through Thursday (four day option)


We currently offer eleven classes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Classes meet during the public school year as well as the summer months of June and July (when interest warrants it). Both two and four-day schedule options are available. Children are assigned to a class based on their age as of September 1st and remain in that class for the entirety of the school year.

Class Name Age
Bees Infant (3 Mons - Walking)
Fish Walking Infant (Walking - 18 Mons)
Lions Walking Infant (18 Mons - 2 Yrs)
Turtles 2 Year Olds
Elephants 2 Year Olds
Penguins 3 Year Olds
Frogs 3 Year Olds
Toucans 3 Year Olds
Monkeys 4 Year Olds
Pandas 4 Year Olds
Owls 4 Year Olds

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Schedule
Schedule Registration Deposit Monthly Installments Sibling Discount*
Infant (3 Mons - Walking) -- Bees and Fish
Mon/Wed $200 $230 $205
Tue/Thu $200 $235 $210
Mon-Thu $400 $430 $405
Walking Infant (Walking - 2 Yrs) -- Lions
Mon/Wed $200 $225 $200
Tue/Thu $200 $230 $205
Mon-Thu $400 $425 $400
Two and Threes -- TurtlesElephants, Penguins, Frogs, Toucans,
Mon/Wed $200 $250 $200
Tue/Thu $200 $230 $205
Mon-Thu $400 $425 $400
Fours and Fives -- Monkeys, PandasOwls
Mon/Wed $200 $220 $195
Tue/Thu $200 $225 $200
Mon-Thu $400 $420 $395

Other Fees
  • Early drop off and late pickup: $2 per minute
  • Late payment
    • After the 7th: $20
    • After the 15th: additional $20
  • Returned check: $45 (includes the $20 late payment fee)
  • Extended care (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM)
    • Two day schedule: $35
    • Four day schedule: $70

The Tuition and Fees Schedule for 2022-2023 is also available for download.



ABCJesusLovesMe™ is an educational ministry that equips adults with the materials needed to be intentional in educating children. Click HERE to learn more about this curriculum.


We are now enrolling for Fall 2022. Our Fall session starts on September 8th! If you are interested, contact the MDOCP office during office hours or leave a message. Contact information, directions, and office hours can be found on the About Us > Contact Us web page located here.

If you want to be placed on our waitlist, click HERE.

School Calendar and Class Schedule

School Calendar

Upcoming school-wide events are displayed in the events list on this web page as well as the events list for the individual classroom school pages.

A Typical Class Day

A typical class day begins with children arriving and being signed into their classrooms by their parents or guardians. Each classroom has an individualized schedule specifically designed to meet the needs of their children, but all include the following components (in no particular order):

  • Circle Time
  • Snack Time
  • Playground Time
  • Sensory Play
  • Bible Story
  • Lunch
  • Nap Time
  • Specials (Music, Movement, and Chapel)
  • Art
  • Academics


Our program offers weekly specials featuring music, movement, and chapel. The music class teaches singing and basic rhythms. Our movement class includes basic exercises, stretches, and other movements designed to get those wiggles out! Chapel meets twice a week and consists of Bible stories told in a way that little children can comprehend and to help them understand and absorb the Godly lessons being taught.


Our school staff works diligently to foster a loving relationship with each child using positive discipline when needed to redirect children and encourage friendship and a love for learning that will last throughout the child's lifetime.


Jenny Bromonsky

Assistant Director

Heather Kelley



Please contact the MDOCP office if you have any questions regarding our MDOCP program. You can email our MDO Director at  .