Small Groups


The Polk's Small Group 9:15 AM:

Join the Polk's class via zoom every Sunday morning at 9:15! They are currently studying the book of Colossians! Contact: James and Dianne Polk-   

The Kretzschmar's Small Group 9:30 AM:

Contact: Andrew and Lily Kretzschmar-

Spanish First Small Group 9:30 AM:

Contact:  Carlos and Yolanda Argueta- 

The Horn's Small Group 9:30 AM:

Contact: Isaac and Sonya Horn-

Penny Woodard's Small Group 3 PM:

Contact: Penny Woodard-

Ladies Prayer Group 5:30 PM:

Contact: Sandra Vasquez-


Men's Small Group 7:00 PM:

Our men's small group is currently meeting in Stephen Coco's backyard on Monday evenings at 7PM! For more information (address, safety guidelines, etc.) contact Stephen Coco at 512-203-7747.

Young Adult Small Group 7:00 PM:

The Young Adult small group is currently having in-person socially distanced meetings every Monday at 6:30 in the Peace's backyard! They are currently doing a study on the book of Mark. If you are interested in joining this small group you can contact Mike or Shanna Peace!  , 


Faith Based Recovery 6:30 PM

Contact: Karen Kyser-

Women's Bible Study

Every Tuesday evening at 6:30PM, our women's small group meets on Zoom! Join them as they study 1 Thessalonians! Contact: Lily Kretzschmar-  or 512-247-8664.


Bible Themes Small Group 6:00 PM:

Join this Men's small group class on Zoom every Wednesday at 7PM as they study Luke 9. Contact: Harry Hopkins-


Men's Group 7:00 PM:

Join this Men's small group class on Zoom every Saturday evening at 7PM as they study Acts chapter 15. Contact: Harry Hopkins-


Youth, Wednesday @ 6:30 PM

Contact Sarah English for more information!

Or visit our FBC Kyle Student's page on our website!